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National Informatics Centre (NIC) is a premiere S&T organization of the Government of India in the field of Informatics Services and Information Technology (IT) applications. NIC has established nationwide ICT Network - NICNET – with gateway nodes in Central Government Departments, 35 State/UT Secretariats, in almost 602 Districts Collectorates for ICT services. The Government has designated the NICNET, as ‘The Government Network’. For more information please visit the website:

E-learning services aims to gear up the technical resources of NIC to ensure that it is ready to support E-governance applications development & implementations across the nation for the Government of India and State Governments. NIC is looking to re-tool its employees to be able to provide State-of the-art software systems and support the countries overall E-governance efforts.

To ensure that the percolation of technology is not restricted by time or geographic constraints, the focus of this infrastructure will be to provide the necessary learning tools and content for all the NIC Districts Offices across India. NIC is looking forward to provide e-learning framework to IT as well as non-IT subject areas like health, education, rural development and others. The infrastructure is to be used for ministries and other govt. departments to deliver skill enhancement training's to the geographically dispersed field workers.

The NIC e-learning solution is an Integrated Enterprise Learning Solution (IELS) comprising of the Asynchronous mode(LMS) and the Synchronous mode (Virtual Classroom). IELS project is a web based solution developed using microsoft technologies and is centrally managed and administered by WebConnect team under TDPP division from NIC headquarters, New Delhi.

For any help or suggestions please contact:, 011-2430-5256
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